2014 Pioneer Winners

Parade Grand Marshals Queen’s Contest
Gene Schmersal Queen Jackie Gardener
Kenny Unverferth 1st Runner-up Erin Kneueve
2nd Runner-up Kennedy Hoffman
Big Ticket Winners Shell Gas Giveaway
1st $1200.00 Rudolph Foods Co. 1st $100.00
Kent Kahle
2nd $500.00 Derrick Schimmoeller 2nd $100.00 Alvin Horstman
3rd $300.00 Rick Horstman
4th $200.00 Kevin Warnecke
5th $200.00 Ron Miehls
6th $200.00 Buck Vorst $142 Free Grocery Drawing
7th $100.00 Tim Kahle Jim Foppe
8th $100.00 Tony Martinez
9th $100.00 Joseph Dunn
10th $100.00 Joan Niese
Battle of the Businesses Euchre Winners
Unverferth Mfg. Co. 1st
Cheerleading Contest 3rd
Youth School Division 4th
1st Place:
2nd Place: Chicken Wing Challenge
Jr High Division 1st The Original Dale’s Texas BBQ
1st Place: 2nd Smoke E’s
2nd Place: People’s Choice Smoke E’s
3rd Place:
Youth All Star-non mount
1st Place:
Mini All Star – mount Marathon Gas Card Winner
1st Place: Thursday 9:00 Mary Plescher
Youth All Star – mount Thursday 10:00 Sue Fuerst
1st Place: Friday 8:30 Jan Schroeder
Junior All Star Division
1st Place:
2nd Place:
Senior All Star Division
1st Place:
2nd Place:
Small Varsity
1st Place:
2nd Place: Gas Grill
3rd Place: John Schimmoeller
Large Varsity
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place: Buckeye Table
Tony Adams
Bicycle Winners Attendance Drawing
Matheo Hines Ryan Fischnich Mason Bening $500.00 Carlee Miller
Kyla Grime Haley Looser Lillian Savage
Gabi Monroe Alysen Hoyt Brandon Reynolds
Evan Klausing Adyson Miller Kellen Ellerbrock
LoganTravis Camryn Recker Meline Peck Buckeye Board #1
Addison Elliott Kara Lammers $125 Halftime Kara Vorst
Riley Steel Enna Meyers $125 Final Ryan Brinkman
Amanda Unverferth Jaxon Hoffman
Mitch Langhals Gabe Roof Buckeye Board #2
Ellie Warnement Benjamin Fuerst $125 Halftime Andy Unverferth
Griffin Nienberg Haley Miller $125 Final Chris Stillings
Erica Kahle Mariah Kerner
Buckeye Board #3
$125 Halftime Boomer Fortman
National Kiddie Tractor Pullers Assoc $125 Final Brian Hoffman
3 & 4
1st: Buckeye Board #4
2nd: $125 Halftime  Krack
3rd: $125 Final  Melvin Horstman
5 & 6 Buckeye Board #5
1st:  $125 Halftime  Dean Miller
$125 Final  Rufus
7 & 8   Buckeye Table
1st: Tony Adams
9 & 10